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With this homepage we would like to introduce our company and our products.
If any questions arise during the reading of this page or you miss anything on
the page, then do please not hesitate to contact us. Shortly, Luxol is
one of Europe’s few manufacturers of calcined flint, with the brand name
Luxovit® and as far as we know Luxol is the only manufacturer
of ceramically coloured calcined flint, with the brand name Collux®.
The plant was started in 1962 and has since then produced between
40,000 and 100,000 tons of calcined flint per year.

Historically the calcined flint has mainly been sold as an aggregate for asfalt and
concrete but over a period of years other industries have taken up the use of
calcined flint as well among other things due to the development of the dried
Luxovit® products, the development of Collux® and the introduction of
products for the building renovation industry.



The German researcher Dr. Hans Meseberg concluded in September 2009 his thorough research project “Gutachten” dealing with the advantages of light road surfaces.

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Collux® is the Luxovit®, calcined flint, on which ceramic colour is fusion bonded.
A coloured glaze is melted onto the aggregate at ...

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